Saturday, December 8, 2007

More on Blues M21 by Ann Wolff

This piece is one of my favorites in the "Shy Boy, She Devil and Isis: The Art of Conceptual Craft" exhibition at the MFA. My partner from class, Claudia, gave a great description of it in an earlier post. I think the piece really encapsulates the feeling of sorrow and hardship with the blue hues and the melancholy figure of a face cast inside the glass.

The other glass pieces adjacent to Blues M21 really help to balance out this part of the exhibition with the cold colored pieces surrounding the warm one in the center. The well positioned light behind and underneath the figures really helps to bring out their beauty.
I think that Blues M21 connects with a lot of other pieces not only in the same exhibit but in the entire museum. There are simple links that can be drawn from the medium - glass, there are at least dozens of other glass works in the museum, many in the same exhibit. It can relate to sculpture in the way that even tho it was casted glass, the mold had to be sculpted to achieve the right shape in the casting. As Claudia said it is also a strong piece of modern art, very modern in that it was only made in 2006, and like many other pieces, its "open to many different interpretations based on the viewer alone."

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