Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ann Wolff's Blues M21

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Given the medium, subject of a distressed face, and color of this piece, I believe it suggests personal struggle and sadness, and perhaps a feeling of entrapment. The face is displayed, eyes shut, within the confines of the square-shaped cast glass. When the viewer looks closely at this artwork, they may notice bubbles from the casting process, as well as many beautiful shades of blue. A shape to the right of the face covers nearly the entirety of its features. There is a sense of slumber and peacefulness in this work.

The surroundings of this art piece, in my opinion, only add to the experience, if anything. Because this piece is so powerful alone, it is difficult to allow its surroundings to have any effect on the experience. Both pieces to it’s left are also made of glass. The object directly to its left is a striking color of orange, while the blue piece next to that balances out the three, as it is nearly the same color of our piece.

This gallery is a perfect one for Ann Wolff’s Blues M21. This exhibition features the collection of Anita and Ronald Wornick. These pieces are all contemporary artworks, varying in medium, size and background. While many of these pieces are similar to Blues M21 in individuality and beauty, each piece is easy to experience without distraction thanks to simple arranging of the art and a very large gallery space. As I remember, it is at least four large rooms, with many walls to create intimate corners for pieces. I feel that this space does not in any way limit interpretations of this work.

This work connects with many pieces in the museum as it is a strong individual piece of modern art open to many different interpretations based on the viewer alone.

Claudia Carty


Prof LL said...

Nice job, Claudia.

Stash said...

It's interesting to see the vibe that the serene face gives within this dark context of the different shades of blue. The title 'blues' implies glumness and being in the low down, but the serenity on the crescent moon figure implies the calmness one could find within this haze of sadness that people, especially artists can surround themselves with. Being juxtaposed to a bright orange sculpture with a still motion movement strengthens the infectious atmosphere within the glass.

Looking at the blue guy flinging his leg up two sculptures to the right is also a beautiful contrast because on one side of the triadic sculpture figure of human expression we see an introverted calm and sad moon face, while on the other side we see this very outward movement by an arching human figure.

The orange piece definetely does balance it all out because as an expressive piece it stands on its own almost like a fulcrum on a scale holding everything together.